Class Rates & Billing Policies



                  Fall Classes will begin Sept 14th and run through December 18th 2020 (13 weeks)



*PLEASE NOTE DUE TO COVID-19 we are limiting the class sizes to 8 students MAX per class and all students are required to wear a mask in the studio at all times. 

Broadway Upstate bills monthly instead of by semester BUT you are still committed to taking the WHOLE SEMESTER!!! 


The billing for BUSOPA (Broadway Upstate School of Performing Arts) is Monthly.

We take the total weeks in a semester and divide by 4 equal payments 1st Payment due at Sign Up (September, October,November, December)*.

Fall Semester  is 13 weeks X 1-60 minute class($15/class)=$195/4 payments(September, October,November, December) = $48.75/Month


For the Fall 2020 semester bills will be emailed and due on the 15th of each month( Sept, October,November, December ) First Month payment due when you register & a registration Fee of $25.


We email bills well in advance and they are due on the 15th so please pay on time. After that you will incur a late fee of 2% per day that your bill is late unless other arrangements have been made ahead of time. There are no refunds for classes you don’t attend. If classes are cancelled due to weather your child will get a coupon to use to try in another class. 


*Just because we bill you monthly you still must commit to the whole semester.


Class Rates are as follows

45 minute class: $13/class

60 Minute Class:$15/class

75 Minute Class: $18/Class


If the same student takes a 2nd class that class is discounted 10%

If the same student takes a 3rd class that class is discounted 15%

If the same student takes a 4th class that class is discounted 20%

If the same student take a 5th class that class is discounted 25%


(Student may take unlimited classes in the appropriate level/age group)

$175/Month(Sept,Oct, Nov, Dec) for the whole semester($700 value). If you would rather pay the whole amount we will discount you $50, AND WAIVE $25 registration.

 $650 is all you will page for the semester.


**Example: Gabriella takes ballet and tap (2-60 minute classes)

1 st Billing Date Sept 15th

1st Class $48.75/month 2nd Class 43.88/month

Monthly Fee:$92.63/month except the first month, which has a $25 registration fee. .




                           If you would like help filling this form for your child and getting recommendations for levels 

                                 please reach out to us at [email protected] 





Broadway Upstate

Broadway Upstate