Frozen JR

Broadway Upstate
Audition Date(s): Auditions Feb 12th    6pm-8pm (Time slots) 

Callbacks Feb 13       6pm-8pm
Audition Location: Broadway Upstate School of Performing Arts

The first night of auditions are in 30 minute time slots. Each student auditioning will be assigned a time slot AFTER registration is closed. The student will sing their song selection and do their monologue. The second night of auditions is a dance audition and call back for parts. This evening students will be there the whole time.


Rehearsals will begin Tuesday February 25th after the break. 

Weds February 26   6p-8pm

Thursday Feb 27    6-8pm

March 3    6-8pm

March 4   6-8pm

March 5  6-8pm

March 10   6-8pm

March 11   6-8pm

March 12   6-8pm

March 17   6-8pm

March 18   6-8pm

March 19   6-8pm

March 24   6-8pm

March 25   6-8pm

March 26   6-8pm

March 31   6-8pm

April 1     6-8pm

April 2   6-8pm   

*Saturday April 4    2pm-5pm

April 7   6-8pm 

April 8   6-8pm

April 9   6-8pm

April 21   6-8pm

April 22  6-8pm

April 23   6-8pm

Tech Sunday is April 26  noon-8pm (move to wood theater)

April 27th Dress Rehearsal 5pm-8:30pm

April 28 Dress Rehearsal 5pm-8:30pm

April 29 Final Dress Rehearsal 5pm-8:30pm

April 30th Opening Night Call Time is 5pm

May 1 Call Time 5pm

May 2 Call Time noon (BU provides dinner in between shows) 

May 3 Call Time noon. Cast Party following final show. Pick up 6pm



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Broadway Upstate

Broadway Upstate